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Ghar Kay Khanay
Sharing how it all began!!!!
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Asalam o Alekum

I am Huma Anjum, a home based food entrepreneur running Ghar Kay Khanay. A graduate and a diploma holder in primary education, and with 5 years of teaching experience in a renowned school in Lahore, I have been into the business of cooking homemade meals since the last 7 years.

Initially I never thought that I would ever take up food as my business, although my parents ran a restaurant by the name of ‘Chatkhara’ in Lahore (Shadman, a posh locality of lahore at that time ) in the late 70s when I was a small kid. It all started a few years ago, when my husband suddenly lost his job. 
Since I come from a middle class family and Allah has blessed me with two daughter out of which one is born with down syndrome, we needed to continue with daily therapies, an option which we could ill afford. I desperately tried looking for tuitions and continuwe with a school job, but to no avail.
An acquaintance, well aware of my cooking skills, advised me to join a group of ladies who were also in different type of busineess and frm there I started my first venture, to sell homemade food online. My first product was Golgappa’s which became an instant hit and I received an overwhelming response!!!!!
In addition to this group, I decided to create awareness about Ghar Kay Khanay on Facebook run and setup an online page to promote my products by the same name Ghar Kay Khanay! In addition to GOL Gappa’s, my speciality is to sell a variety of other homemade meals and snacks as well.
I am thankful to Allah for holding my hand and making me make a place for my self in the food business, Alhamdulillah and Masha Allah!
Since last few years, I moved on to the next level by joining various festivals and events as well. This includes my participation in the mega ‘Karachi eat festival’ last year.