Check your blood pressure on the go


Having family who suffer from high blood pressure can present worrying moments through life and especially during Covid-19 lockdowns where access to a GP is difficult. The peace of mind having your own blood pressure monitoring device is for all family members involved in monitoring the blood pressure of loved ones. The relief it provides or early warning it presents is well worth the cost spent and ours has lasted a very long time without any malfunctions or issues (this is not a paid promotion/advertorial). Below is the product information for specs and an overview:

“Taking your blood pressure readings shouldn’t be limited to when you can, at home. The RS7 Intelli IT helps you stay in control throughout the day – even when you’re on the go. Its small size and virtually silent pump mean it can be discreetly stored and used anywhere.”

What’s in the box

  • RS7 Intelli IT blood pressure monitor
  •  Instruction Manual
  •  Blood Pressure Pass
  •  Batteries and Storage case
  •  set-up instructions for OMRON connect


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