The best juicers for making vitamin-packed juices at home


It wouldn’t be an over exaggeration to say that in the past year, we’ve all become a lot more concerned about our health than ever before. Thanks to Coronavirus, the strength of our immunity systems is now part of day-to-day conversations – and even once we’ve all received the vaccine, will most likely continue to be.

And whilst there is no way to prevent ourselves from catching COVID-19, we’d all like to do what we can to boost our health. Exercise, getting enough Vitamin D and of course ensuring we get our five a day (or more), all go *a long* way to improving our overall health and well-being – and we are here for that. Increasing your fruit and veg intake might sound like an easy step towards this but whether it’s always achievable is another story. We may have all the right cookbooks and even the grown-up cookware sets, but getting your enough fruit and veg in can often elude even the most well-intentioned of us. The solution to this problem? Investing – and yes, we’ll admit it is an investment – in one of the best juicers on the market.

Besides being one of the quickest ways to up the number of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, a fresh-squeezed juice is a pretty delicious way to start the day. And whilst the initial cost might take your breath away, consider all the takeaway green juices you’ve bought in your lifetime (and how quickly those add up) and you’ll soon realize that it’s a bit of equipment that will pay for itself. The world of juicers can be a rather overwhelming one though, so if you’re looking to take the plunge, but have no idea where to start, GLAMOUR has compiled everything you’ve ever wanted to know about juicers – and the best ones to buy now.



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